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Latest Mental Health Tip!!!

Posted by on 7.10.17 in Mental Health

Hey, Everyone. I recently figured out a new mental health tip. When I’ve had a bad day or I’m going through a tough time I make an effort to put good into the world. Sometimes this is as easy as donating one to five dollars to the Jimmy Fund. This helps other people and also helps […]

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Alfred Nicol’s Book Animal Psalms

Posted by on 7.5.17 in Uncategorized

Hi, Everyone. My writing mentor and good friend Alfred Nicol recently published a great book of poems titled “Animal Psalms”. The book was lucid and stylistically brilliant. I learned a lot about human nature and people from reading it. Truly great work. Here’s a link to buy the book: Shop for Alfred Nicol’s Animal Psalms

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Understand; Don’t Judge

Hi, Everyone. I have a new essay about how being more understanding instead of judgmental can be beneficial to mental health. Here’s a link to the free read

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Being a Parent with Depression

Posted by on 6.21.17 in Mental Health, Stigma

My good friend and editor Sean Swaby recently published an essay about being a parent with depression. I made a small contribution to a great essay. Here’s a link to the free read: Sean Swaby Essay

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The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln

Posted by on 6.19.17 in Uncategorized

Lately, I’ve been reading “The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln”. It’s a great book so far and Lincoln’s life lessons have been very useful to read.

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Marriage & Mental Health

Posted by on 6.16.17 in Good Men Project

Hi, Everyone. I have a new essay here about marriage and mental health. Here’s a link to the free read:

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Steve Colori’s New Blog

Posted by on 6.9.17 in Uncategorized

Hi, Everyone. For three years I’ve been writing and publishing psychiatric/ human interest/ and fictional writing and I’m going to continue to do so. I have a new blog here about my writing, mental health, and just literature and related topics in general. There will be links to new material of my own and from […]

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