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Thoughts on Therapy, is a powerful collection of essays about Steve Colori’s recovery from schizoaffective disorder and emergence back into living a full life. Building from his first book, Thoughts on Therapy provides tremendous tools, insights, resources, and wisdom on working through and eliminating symptoms, behavioral work, interpersonal dynamics, stigma, and living in the modern world with mental health struggles. The essays range from addressing mania, referential thinking, hearing and seeing things, dating, medication, working, and interacting with family. For anyone interested in learning more about mental health, this is a must read. A good portion of the essays have been previously published, while there are fifteen that have previously never been read.”




Realistic and Healing overview

“I found it helpful that he discussed his struggles without going into war stories. He shared personal information that was thought provoking for family members, clinicians or people living with a mental health diagnosis.

I thought it offered helpful suggestions for dealing with the illness/diagnosis without a one size fits all recommendation. Steve discussed that journaling was helpful to his self discovery and working through recovery. He was candid that at times he felt stigmatized and wasn’t candid with others about his struggle. The book made me reflect on my dealing with people struggling with diagnosis and it helped generate some enhanced empathy with the struggles. Many times I think people think that just taking a medication solves everything but the author reflected on several things that were works in progress.

It was a quick read, and wet my appetite for more. I’m always curious to know what has helped other people work through things.”

Jennifer L. Hinde


Language and Interpersonal Dynamics with Psychosis
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Stigma & Self-Stigma: Barriers to Living a Full Life 
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Philosophy and Life Events –  Keys to Pyschosis
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Linguistics in Talking About Psychosis
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Mental Health and the Media – A Call to Action
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Social Skills and Psychosis – A Spectrum
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Disclosing my Diagnosis
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What It Was Like
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Working While Rehabbing
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 Understanding Referential Thinking 
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