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Growing  up Rob Stekowitz has “been a bore, that sucks the life out of people”  according to one of his old roommates. When he embarks on his second  semester at Bulger University he meets a group of fraternity brothers  who want him to pledge Epsilon Tau Omega, “The greatest fraternity  ever”. This entertaining action-packed thriller filled with comedy and  drama continues forward with Rob’s tribulations and dilemnas of trying  to become accepted as a part of the group.




A Bildungsroman for Our Times

“Steve Colori’s novella takes place in a fraternity at a big state university. It’s a setting we’re familiar with from comedies like Animal House and its imitators, but it’s not all laughs this time. Colori keeps his protagonist Rob Stekowitz in the dark about things that are in plain view for the reader. To witness Stek’s passage through this stage of his young life is like watching a drunken man stagger across a four-lane highway. It’s no use yelling at him to turn back, reader, but you won’t be able to look away till he gets to the other side.”


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